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Scouting is fun, friends, and families … where skills are learned, confidence is built, stories are born, and adventure begins. Discover the buddy system to trust and be trusted. Hike and camp to appreciate the outdoors and take care of it. Enjoy a genuine sense of belonging. This is Scouting … build your adventure today!

For boys ages 6-10, Cub Scouts is a year-round youth program designed to meet the needs of younger boys and their families through fun and challenging activities that promote education, character, and physical development.

For boys ages 11 through 18, Scouting is a fun and adventure-based, outdoor program that develops character, leadership, and achievement in young men.

For young adults ages 14-20, Venturing is a co-ed program that helps teens grow into responsible individuals through high-adventure activities and other common interests shared by today's teenagers.

For young men and women ages 14-20, Exploring is a hands on career exploration program providing students with an opportunity to learn about a potential career choice and network with professionals already working in that field.